Popular SUV and Minivan Accessories for Road Trips

Here you are just counting the days down to the awesome road trip your have been planning for weeks or even months. There are many SUV and Minivan accessories available that will make your road trip go a little more smoothly.
A GPS, or Global Positioning System Device, is a helpful device that uses 24 satellites to transmit and receive signals for navigational directions which is helpful especially in unfamiliar areas. You enter the destination address and the device will give you the directions turn by turn as you travel.
When going on extended road trips in a SUV or Minivan you need to take a phone charger cable. The last thing you want in the event of an emergency is to have low or no battery life left on your cell phone. If you do not have a GPS it is smart to have your cell phone charged up if you need to call for directions. A second phone accessory for road trips in a SUV or Minivan would be a Bluetooth set or other hands free phone device; with several to choose from you will definitely find one to suit you.
Do you have kids? If you do you will need to keep them occupied on the road trip. Some good SUV or Minivan accessories to have on hand for the kids would be DVD players and game system plugs for the vehicle. It is amazing how much a good movie can keep the kids content on a road trip. When they get tired of watching movies, they can play their personal game system like the Nintendo DS or PSP. Also, the iPad makes one of the best car gadgets because you can play games, watch moves, use it as a GPS and a whole lot more.
Many people like to or need to pack their Laptop computer and other computer components like a small printer or extra hard drive on road trips. A good plug for the Laptop is required as well as a power cable for any other support devices for road trips when you do take your Laptop with you. Another computer related accessory you may want to invest in is a multiple outlet that provides extra plugs for your electronic devices.
Storage and good organization accessories will help you stay sane on a road trip in an SUV or Minivan. Having easy access to the things you will need often is makes good sense. An extra storage accessory to keep the items you need more frequently very handy can be well worth the investment. Some other accessories that can be a good investment are cup holders or extra seat cushioning. If you do not have enough room for everything you have packed a luggage rack can be a good idea, everyone likes a little leg room.

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