Priceline Car Rentals – Tips on Getting the Best Deal Possible!

You can save money by successfully bidding on Priceline car rentals. This company has a solid partnership with all the major car rental companies, including:
o Alamo
o Avis
o Budget
o Hertz
o National
There are many advantages of reserving your car through Priceline, since many of specials and bargains are last minute deals. Since these are the top five car hire companies in the world, you can have the peace of mind of having a good car during your trip. Each of these five offers repair services and replacement vehicles throughout North America.
Priceline car rentals are usually very cheap, and you’ll have plenty of options wherever your destination may be. When placing your bid, make it at least 30% lower than the regular price. Yes, you can save up to 30% on a car rental! Make sure you bid at least a few days in advance, so if you are turned down, you’ll still have time to change your settings and re-bid.
Priceline car rentals will let you bid on the car size, location, and dates. You’ll be able to re-bid bid once every 24 hours, UNLESS you change any of the three components. If you’re unfamiliar with car hire or rental deals, you can check out other sites for travel quotes to get some idea of what your bid should be.
Always start your bid out at least 20-30% less than what the other sites tell you. You’ll be surprised over all the cheap deals that Priceline offers! Still, you must always take peak times and off season dates into consideration. On certain holidays, the prices probably won’t be as cheap as you would hope. Nevertheless, you can still save at Priceline.

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